Our Team Leaders

Our team is led by Wenli Dong who is an experienced investor, and a prominent figure in the real estate investment and development world. Wenli herself immigrated to the United States more than 20 years ago. Since her immigration Wenli has gone on to create a profitable career specializing in the establishment of properties and the sale of luxurious vacation properties. As a successful business woman, Wenli wanted to make it her mission to be able to give back and help others improve their lives.

To help in her mission Wenli has hand selected professionals with a track records of excellence in their respective fields to create our team of associates. With this team we are able ensure ANRCS can continue to always deliver the most impeccable service possible. The knowledge and combined efforts of our team allow us to be versatile and proficient giving us the opportunity to love what we do, and we will continue to do what we love.

Wenli Dong

As an experienced investor and prominent figure int he real estate investment and development world Wenli built a lucrative career. As she transitioned into the immigration world, she looked to do the same. Utilizing the EB-5 process, Wenli has continued to bring investors to the United States and help them build the same wealth that she has achieved.

Jeff Erskine
Mayra Dallape
Immigration Manager

With about 10 years of immigration experience and over 25 years of customer service experience, Mayra leads our immigration specialists ensuring we maintain the highest level of customer service, and handle all cases properly.

An immigration attorney with nearly 10 years of experience. Jeff began his career in the U.S. Military where he helped to bring the friends and families of our armed forces to the united states where they were able to reconnect and establish their lives together.

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