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Buns & Dums

Project type : Restaurant

Competitive Advantage

Buns & Dums benefits from a number of competitive advantages in the local market, including:

Speed of Service

At Buns & Dums, patrons can enjoy a freshly prepared meal, delivered at a fast food pace. There are currently no other quick service or fast food dining options in the immediate area that offer fresh, handmade, Asian cuisine. The restaurant also offers drive thru as a convenient option for commuters or those looking for a quick and easy meal during lunch rush.


Located on Daisetta Dr. with an estimated car traffic of 38,000 vehicles a day, Buns & Dums is easily accessible to commuters travelling to and from the larger Los Angeles region via the SR-60 Pomona Freeway. The Restaurant will also benefit from heavy vehicle and foot traffic to the commercial center in which it is located. Shoppers of the nearby grocery store and retail emporium or patrons of the golf range next door will also find Buns & Dums a simple and delicious option for a quick snack or meal. Finally, the Restaurant’s chosen location is in close proximity to many residential neighborhoods as well as two high schools.


Innovative Eating Experience

Derived from authentic Asian cuisine, Buns & Dums offers a unique menu with rich flavors. By combining traditional Asian techniques and fresh American ingredients Buns & Dums serves buns, dumplings, drinks, side and sauces that, together, create the ultimate eating experience. Along with only serving the freshest ingredients Buns & Dums avoids using any artificial ingredients or msg in its meals. Thus proving to be health conscious and diner friendly.

13751 Roswell Avenue #B, Chino, CA 91710  •  626.500.2599

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