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Johnny Rockets

Project type : Restaurant

Key Industry Statistics : Fast Food Restaurant

Liquid Capital Required


Net Worth Required



$875,000 - 1,200,000

Jobs Created


EB-5 Investors


Project Term

5 Years

Famous for all American favorites served in a fun and nostalgic atmosphere, Johnny Rockets specializes in hamburgers, french fries and other foods that fit the brand's retro diner theme. Decorated with vintage advertisements, WWII-era illustrations and other '50s memorabilia gives this franchise an iconic look. Based on a real late '40s diner, Johnny Rockets is famous for their hamburgers and fries, but also offers a sampling of American cuisine that includes salads, sandwiches and shakes. Their menu boasts fresh ingredients and classic American meal choices, making them a favorite since their founding in 1986


Taking their cues from an existing '40s diner still doing business today, Johnny Rockets features counter seating and an open grill, with fresh and never frozen ground beef cooked to perfection right in front of their customers. Their booths are tricked out in glossy red vinyl and shining chrome, and their burgers are served wrapped in paper on a cardboard plate with a trademark smiley face of ketchup next to the french fries. Johnny Rockets menu also features other all American sandwiches like the Philly cheese steak, the tuna melt and the grown up grilled cheese. 


The first Johnny Rockets opened its doors in 1986 in Los Angeles, CA with a 20-seat counter-top and a vintage vibe. Since then it has become a worldwide brand with over 300 locations in more than 26 countries and has annual sales of over $300 million.

13751 Roswell Avenue #B, Chino, CA 91710  •  626.500.2599

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